User Trails Visualization on

The data was extracted from Adobe Analytics logfiles of the 25.06.2015.
As unique users could not be identified by session-id in the logfiles, the IP was taken as an approximation (unique Users: 600K, unique IPs: 300K).


This graph shows the most important user trails on
Only websites that had at least 100 unique users per day were included.


Nodes represent the most visited websites.
The node size corresponds to the amount unique users.
The node color is randomly assigned.


Edges are directed and represent the cumulative steps from all the user trails from one to the next pages.
The edge thickness corresponds to the amount unique users steps.
The edge color of edge from node A to node B always has the color of the outgoing node A.


Zoom in and out by using the mouse-wheel.
Drag nodes to see the connectivity of the nodes: Bigger edges have stronger forces.
Click on a node to see additional information.
Double-Click on a node to drill into network.