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Revolytics AG is an independent full service provider in the field of Advanced Analytics, based in Switzerland. With our many years of Machine Learning experience we can help you implement complex Data Science projects. From the conception, through analysis to implementation. We are also specialized in Data Visualization in order to make our results understandable as simple as possible.

Overview of our services:

For further Data Science services like Advanced Analytics Consulting, Model Review, Project Management, Coaching, Training, Presentations, etc... please contact us. We will be pleased to assist you.

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Cohort Analysis with Interactive Simulation

Tags: Data VisualizationE-CommerceMarketingExploratory Data AnalysisRetailSalesExamplesTraining
Author: Oliver Staubli, Founder & Data Scientist

Cohort Analysis enables you to easily compare how different groups, or cohorts, of customers behave over time. This gives you quick and clear insight into customer retention trends and the health of your business. See how your latest customers compare to those from several years ago, or compare users who joined over the holiday season with another group that joined in the summer and see if those holiday shoppers really stuck around.

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Source: Sawamur

Predictive Customer Lifetime Value

Tags: Predictive AnalyticsE-CommerceMarketingSalesRetailInsuranceUtilitiesBankingTelecommunicationsExamplesTraining
Author: Oliver Staubli, Founder & Data Scientist

"Customer Lifetime Value" (CLV) describes the amount of profit a customer generates over his or her entire lifetime and is therefore a prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer. CLV is probably the single most important metric for understanding your customers. CLV helps you make important business decisions about sales, marketing, product development, and customer support.

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Predictive Analytics and Industry 4.0

Tags: HandelszeitungArticlePredictive AnalyticsIndustry 4.0Predictive MaintenanceMedia
Author: Oliver Staubli, Founder & Data Scientist
Published:    (Updated 25. March 2016)

I was asked again to write an article for the Handelszeitung. This time, in the Special Industrie 2025 on the subject of predictive analytics in the context of industrial 4.0. I tried to illustrate the topic of Predictive Maintenance with a simple coffee-machine example as well as to point out the enormous potential of predictive analytics for the Swiss market. As always, I'm looking forward to the feedback already.

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About Us

Revolytics AG was founded 2015 by Oliver Staubli, after working for many years as an independent Data Scientist. The company is still in startup mode, but can already look back on several successful projects and partnership in the area of financial institutions and E-Commerce.
We have deliberately omitted venture capital seed funds and rely 100% on proprietary capital. This ensures our independence and prevents being too focused on growth.

"Successful projects for our customers and the resulting long-standing partnerships are our top priority."
Oliver Staubli, CEO


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