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Are you looking for an easy way to measurably increase your sales, profit and customer loyalty? We have tried and tested solutions that we can tailor to your business case. Everything in the shortest possible time and with minimal pre-investment, so that you can quickly extract added value from your own data.

The desired solution is not included? No problem. We are open to new ideas and are happy to pilot new solutions together with you.

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Atlas: What your customers will buy.

Would you like to better understand your customers and their needs? Our solution "Atlas" helps you to get an overview of your customers like a map. Atlas not only shows you which typical customer groups (clusters) are hidden in your customer base, but also their most important distinguishing features with regard to buying behaviour (turnover, product choice, etc.) and personal characteristics (age, place of residence, etc.).

In contrast to conventional "gut feeling" approaches, Atlas uses Machine Learning algorithms for "clustering" the customer into groups. Atlas automatically finds the ideal customer grouping for you in terms of homogeneity (similarity within the cluster) and heterogeneity (distinguishability of the clusters). And this across practically any number of dimensions. Each customer can now be assigned to exactly one cluster and his needs can be read off directly from the cluster properties. Thus you not only better understand the individual customer, but at the same time you can address and advertise to the individual groups efficiently, yet with a personal touch.

With Atlas, you already know today what your customers want to buy in the future.

Added Value

  • Conversion: A personal approach based on the customers needs increases the chance of conversion.
  • Loyalty: The customer feels understood and the loyalty increases.
  • Targeting: The customer groups are highly selective and thus minimize scatter losses of the targeting.
  • Exhaustion: Marketing budget can be used optimally without wastage.



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We would be pleased to present our Atlas solution to you in a personal demo.

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Pegasus: When your customers will buy.

You want to know when is the best moment to reactivate your existing customers is? Contacting him immediately after the first purchase would annoy the customer. But waiting too long could mean loosing the customer to a competitor. Our "Pegasus" solution tells you exactly when the best time will be for each customer, so that you can act ahead of time.

All input Pegasus needs is your transactional data, i.e. who bought what, when. The rest is done automatically by algorithms: Using machine learning, Pegasus recognizes patterns in the purchasing behaviour of your customers and can derive future purchase probabilities. You then can select the top customers with the highest purchase probabilities for your next reactivation campaign.

Using randomly selected customers as a control group, we were able to achieve uplifts of up to 20% for various companies, i.e. with the same budget, advertising media and time period, the conversion rate could be increased up to fivefold thanks to Pegasus.

Added Value

  • Conversion: A reminder at the right moment increases the conversion chance.
  • Loyalty: Customers perceive the reminder as a service instead of an annoying advertisment.
  • Targeting: Only the "ripe" customers have to be contacted.
  • Exhaustion: Marketing budget can be used optimally without wastage.


Clients Feedbacks

«With this analysis, we were able to increase our existing customer response rate by a factor of up to 5. And thanks to Pingen, physical shipping was a piece of cake. A great result!.»
Silvio Schneider, Head of Marketing, Discountlens by Urbach Optik AG

«The analyses enabled us to process our existing customers in such a targeted way that we had very high reactions. A good way to utilize the physical channel more efficiently.»
Markus Bachmann, Head of Marketing, Nahrin AG

«The conversion rate could be increased by more than 40% compared to previous mailings.»
Moritz Schmid, Head of Marketing, PerfectHair AG

We would be pleased to present our Pegasus solution to you in a personal demo.

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Vega: How much your customers will buy.

Would you like to know per customer what their future revenue with you will be? Thanks to our solution "Vega" you can focus on the customers that will be the most valuable in the future: Based on our solutions Atlas (what), Pegasus (when) and the historical sales per customer, Vega can predict the individual customer potential.

With this Predictive Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) you already know today per customer how much effort for the acquisition or retention you can afford, so that the profit remains positive. With Vega it is not only possible to predict the future revenue of existing customers, but also to better estimate the first time buyers.

Added Value

  • Conversion: With the what, when and how much, you anticipate customer needs and customer value perfectly in advance.
  • Loyalty: You can act proactively on the customer and thus optimally bind him to you.
  • Targeting: Only the "most promising" customers need to be targetted.
  • Exhaustion: Marketing budget can thus be used optimally.



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We would be pleased to present our Vega solution to you in a personal demo.

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Polaris: Analytics platform as a service.

Are you looking for a flexible analytics platform on which you can manage your data and analyses centrally? If you cannot decide between "Make" or "Buy", we have the perfect solution for you: "Polaris" positions itself as middle way between a cheap "off-the-shelf" product and a customized in-house development.

Since we repeatedly implemented similar modules for the efficient handling of data and analyses for different customers, the idea of an analytics platform was born which integrates the successfully tested modules. Over the last few years, Polaris has been developed on the basis of open source software (Python, HTML5) and extensive project experience.

The modules can be easily extended and adapted to your needs. With this "construction kit" approach Polaris immediately brings added value, without you running the risk of ending up in a dead end because of the product choice and missing specific functionalities.

And we won't leave you alone with Polaris: For the successful introduction in your company as well as the further enhancement, we support you with our data engineering and data science services. As long as you need our support, until the solution is perfectly tailored to your needs. We are also happy to train internal employees so that they can exenahnce the platform themselves in the future.

Added Value

  • User friendly: The intuitive user interface helps your analyses to be found and read by the end users.
  • Flexibel: You decide which modules you want to unlock and use.
  • Expandable: Additional features can be added quickly and easily.
  • Support: We help you to set up and operate the platform.



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We would be pleased to present our Polaris solution to you in a personal demo.

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  • Technology:
  • Security:
    • User-based security
    • Role-based security
    • Usergroup permissions (including & excluding)
  • Administration:
    • Users/roles/usergroup management
    • Project-hierarchy management
    • Module management
  • Data Aggregation:
    • CSV/Excel upload and validation
    • Formbased data entry
    • Monitoring of data aggregation (ETL)
  • Data Management:
    • Data tasks management
    • Dataflow visualization (including monitoring)
    • Datasources visualization
  • Data Visualisierung:
    • Interactive dashboards & visualizations
    • Hierarchical data-visualizations
    • Zoomable visualizations
  • Data Engineering:
    • Various, extensible ETL modules
    • Integrated ETL scheduling
    • Google Analytics API integration
    • Adobe Analytics API integration
    • Various Social Media API integration
  • Data Monitoring:
    • Email-push-notifications for alerts
    • Email with report attachments
    • Per project health monitoring
    • Project portfolio monitoring