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Predictive Analytics and Industry 4.0

Published: Updated 25. March 2016Author: Oliver Staubli, CEO & Data ScientistTags: HandelszeitungArticlePredictive AnalyticsIndustry 4.0Predictive Maintenance,  Media

I was asked again to write an article for the Handelszeitung. This time, in the Special Industrie 2025 on the subject of predictive analytics in the context of industrial 4.0. I tried to illustrate the topic of Predictive Maintenance with a simple coffee-machine example as well as to point out the enormous potential of predictive analytics for the Swiss market. As always, I'm looking forward to the feedback already.

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Image: YMF

SME-Portrait in Gewerbezeitung

Published: Author: Oliver Staubli, CEO & Data ScientistTags: GewerbezeitungInterviewDigitalizationSMEData Scientist,  Media

The second interview: After the kick-off in SonntagsZeitung I received a request from the Swiss Trade Association (STA) for a SME-Portrait about REVOLYTICS AG. STA has chosen "digitalization" as its theme for the year 2016 and had therefore many exciting questions for me. I very much enjoyed the interview. Today the article was published in the Gewerbezeitung.

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Interview in SonntagsZeitung

Published: Updated 20. January 2016Author: Oliver Staubli, CEO & Data ScientistTags: SonntagsZeitungInterviewJobsData ScientistData Science,  Media

What a lucky launch: Just three months after the founding of REVOLYTICS AG an interview about us including a photo gets published in the business section of SonntagsZeitung. The article was written on the eve of this year's World Economic Forums (WEF), in which the implications of digitalization are in focus. Contrary to the recent Handelszeitung article by the WEF-Founder about the dangers of digitalization, this article describes new professions actually created by the increasing digitalization. Of course I was happy to give some insight into my job as a Data Scientist.

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